Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have ______ item available in ____ variant?

To check if we have inventory of a particular style, size, or color, please call one of our physical locations to get an immediate answer on whether or not the item you want is available.

What is your shipping, returns, refunds, or exchanges policy?

If you are seeking to return an item or have any questions regarding shipping, returns, refunds, or exchanges, please refer to our shipping policy.

May I pick my order up from one of your locations?

No, unfortunately, we are unable to offer in-store pickup for online orders at this time. This is due to the fact that our online orders can ship from any of our 4 locations, so your item may actually be entirely out of stock at your local E.Leigh's location.

My order got cancelled, can you tell me why?

We generally cancel orders for two reasons: 1.) the item you order is sold out, or 2.) you used a discount that you are not eligible for. Regardless, we will always email you to let you know why your order is being cancelled.

I didn't complete my order, but I see a charge on my bank statement, how do I remove the charge?

If you did not receive an email confirming your order from us, we have not received it or your money. Generally, banks will place a hold on money while they process a charge. Your bank will usually realize within 2-3 business days that the order was not completed, and you should see your money back in your account. If they do not return your money within 3 business days, you should call your bank to let them know you never completed the order.

I entered the wrong shipping address, can I change it?

If we have not already shipped your order out, we can generally change the address. Simply email with your name, order number, and the current shipping address. You can also call our Little Rock location between 9:30AM and 5:30PM to request the address on your order be changed (again, if your order has already been shipped, we cannot change the address).

I was trying to apply a discount code but instead the order automatically completed before it could be applied, what should I do?

We can cancel your order if you let us know immediately, and you can replace your order with the discount. Generally this situation occurs if you are using an accelerated checkout option like Apply Pay that saves your personal information.

Something I ordered was damaged, what should I do?

Please send us a picture of the damaged item to, along with your order information. If we have any remaining inventory in that item, we will ship you a replacement. Otherwise, we will issue you a refund on that item.

How do I get an update on an online order?

Please email and include your order confirmation number. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do not email our general email or call the stores for an update on an online order.