Who We Are

Hi, Friend!

I'm Erin Leigh Hohnbaum, owner and CEO of E.Leigh's Contemporary Boutiques, and I'm so incredibly thankful you've found your way here.  When I first started this company, in 2011 at the age of 26, my goal was to create a space where women felt strong, empowered and better leaving than when they came in our doors. Even if they didn't buy a single item! I wanted it to be a place where girlfriends met after work to come hang out and see what was new with the "E.Leigh's girls." I wanted it to be a place of fun and happiness...fun for the customers AND fun for the employees. Bottom line, I wanted to make people happy and enrich their lives. It was about being more than just a clothing store. It was about making people's lives better. I may not be on the sales floor as much I was in the beginning, but I'm still just as passionate about E.Leigh's being more than just a clothing store, and I know that dream starts with you, our dear customer. 
Everything we do is because of you and it is because of you that we wake up each day with grateful hearts. Thank you for giving this small business and small-town, Arkansas girl a chance to rise.
You're amazing.
All my light and love,
Erin L. Hohnbaum